FOOOOOD: Pollo Norte

I have never been to a place quite like Pollo Norte.  A tiny little spot on 42nd Ave & Killingsworth – this place is killing it.  They serve 1 thing – rotisserie chicken – and they do it well.  Totally beats the chicken sitting under the warmer at Whole Foods.  Your chicken comes with a choice of sides, tortillas and two different salsas.  Everything tasted super fresh and really delicious.  They’re branding is also spot on, I’m a total sucker for good branding.



FOOOOOD: Milk Glass Market

Milk Glass Market is about 5 blocks from my office and I can’t believe I had never been there until last weekend.  It’s a tiny little cafe/bar and reminded me so much of Amsterdam (which we all know is basically my fave place on the planet).  Matt and I just went for coffee pastries but it is definitely on my list to come back to for drinks after work.

Next time you’re in NoPo, Milk Glass is definitely worth a stop!



FOOOOOD: Sweedeedee

Sweedeedee is an awesome spot for breakfast/brunch.  Anddd they have Avocado Toast which is one of the best things ever.  This place was relatively unknown for quite a while but has definitely been discovered in the past couple of months.  We went two weekends ago around 9am and had to wait 45 mins for a table.  But, worth it for sure.  Especially if you can sit outside in the sun.  Always a bonus.

Check.  It.  Out.



Hood River

Last weekend we headed east to spend a couple of days in Hood River.  Only a little over an hour from Portland, it truly felt like a getaway.

We stayed in the haunted Hood River Hotel


Stopped at Multnomah Falls on the way up…

Drank lots of good beer…

Double Mountain

Everybody’s Brewing


Stopped in a couple great boutiques – honestly better than I’ve found in Portland…


Parts + Labour

And most importantly, spent a lot of quality time with good friends…

If you’re looking for a quick getaway that will feel like your 100s of miles away, Hood River is the spot.



PS, a few more recos:


Egg River Cafe

Full Sail Brewing

Sixth Street Bistro

Bette’s Place

A lot of these are from the NY Times article, “36 Hours in Hood River,” that was published last year.  I didn’t find out about the article until about halfway through our trip but according to this list it looks like we chose well!

FOOOOOD: Basement Pub

This isn’t a food recommendation – but rather a drink recommendation.  If you are looking for a dark, kinda dingy, European style pub in Portland – go to Basement Pub.  ASAP.

With happy hour everyday, PBR on draft and board games – what’s not to love.

Sidenote: they have branded matchbooks to add to my collection.  Tough to find these days.



Our Interstate Ave. Adventure…

Matt and I are really lucky to have an amazing group of friends.  Every month or so, we try to get together to do a family dinner – either someone cooks or we go out.  This month everyone wanted pizza so we decided to go out.  Now there is some bomb pizza in Portland, but not a ton of options that are super conducive to groups.  I did some Yelping and came across Pinky’s.  Pizza and whiskey are they’re specialties and the place has a great atmosphere.  If you ask the bartender, you can roll the dice for a particular whiskey shot or whiskey cocktail – I was lucky enough to get a great action shot, haha.


Now, after dinner was the real treat.  I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Alibi, and that Friday night, my dreams came true.  Three words: Tiki bar + karaoke.  Ridic.

IMG_5189 IMG_5191 IMG_5192 IMG_5193 IMG_5195

Bottom line – if you haven’t been to The Alibi – Go. Now.




MoMA has been on my list for as long as I can remember.  Most of my trips to NYC have been for work and I haven’t had a TON of free time.  On my trip last week, I was lucky enough to sneak away for a couple of hours and finally make it to MoMA.  I probably could have spent all day there and will definitely make a trip back.

A few faves…



NYC Round 2

Last week’s trip to NYC—

SoHo Grand Hotel – fab hotel, fab food, great people watching

Apizz – delish food and a table next to Stifler


The Blind Barber – cool speakeasy with a barber shop up front and bar behind a sliding door.  Kind of a PDX meets NYC crowd and Peroni on tap.  Pretty much a win-win.

Work –


Egg Shop – SoHo spot with the cutest branded and fab avocado toast

Never enough time in NYC, hope to be back soon!