Looking for an In-n-Out style burger in Portland?  Look no further than All-Way.  Yes, it’s in kind of a weird location (random old bldg near Nordstrom on Broadway), but the burgers are delish.  We went for lunch, but I think this would be an awesome place to go with friends before or after a night out.  Great burgers, full bar – what more can you ask for?



FOOOOOD: Pollo Norte

I have never been to a place quite like Pollo Norte.  A tiny little spot on 42nd Ave & Killingsworth – this place is killing it.  They serve 1 thing – rotisserie chicken – and they do it well.  Totally beats the chicken sitting under the warmer at Whole Foods.  Your chicken comes with a choice of sides, tortillas and two different salsas.  Everything tasted super fresh and really delicious.  They’re branding is also spot on, I’m a total sucker for good branding.



FOOOOOD: Milk Glass Market

Milk Glass Market is about 5 blocks from my office and I can’t believe I had never been there until last weekend.  It’s a tiny little cafe/bar and reminded me so much of Amsterdam (which we all know is basically my fave place on the planet).  Matt and I just went for coffee pastries but it is definitely on my list to come back to for drinks after work.

Next time you’re in NoPo, Milk Glass is definitely worth a stop!



FOOOOOD: Sweedeedee

Sweedeedee is an awesome spot for breakfast/brunch.  Anddd they have Avocado Toast which is one of the best things ever.  This place was relatively unknown for quite a while but has definitely been discovered in the past couple of months.  We went two weekends ago around 9am and had to wait 45 mins for a table.  But, worth it for sure.  Especially if you can sit outside in the sun.  Always a bonus.

Check.  It.  Out.



FOOOOOD: Basement Pub

This isn’t a food recommendation – but rather a drink recommendation.  If you are looking for a dark, kinda dingy, European style pub in Portland – go to Basement Pub.  ASAP.

With happy hour everyday, PBR on draft and board games – what’s not to love.

Sidenote: they have branded matchbooks to add to my collection.  Tough to find these days.



Our Interstate Ave. Adventure…

Matt and I are really lucky to have an amazing group of friends.  Every month or so, we try to get together to do a family dinner – either someone cooks or we go out.  This month everyone wanted pizza so we decided to go out.  Now there is some bomb pizza in Portland, but not a ton of options that are super conducive to groups.  I did some Yelping and came across Pinky’s.  Pizza and whiskey are they’re specialties and the place has a great atmosphere.  If you ask the bartender, you can roll the dice for a particular whiskey shot or whiskey cocktail – I was lucky enough to get a great action shot, haha.


Now, after dinner was the real treat.  I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Alibi, and that Friday night, my dreams came true.  Three words: Tiki bar + karaoke.  Ridic.

IMG_5189 IMG_5191 IMG_5192 IMG_5193 IMG_5195

Bottom line – if you haven’t been to The Alibi – Go. Now.



NYC Round 2

Last week’s trip to NYC—

SoHo Grand Hotel – fab hotel, fab food, great people watching

Apizz – delish food and a table next to Stifler


The Blind Barber – cool speakeasy with a barber shop up front and bar behind a sliding door.  Kind of a PDX meets NYC crowd and Peroni on tap.  Pretty much a win-win.

Work –


Egg Shop – SoHo spot with the cutest branded and fab avocado toast

Never enough time in NYC, hope to be back soon!



FOOOOOD: Boxer Ramen

I love food. Like a lot. I’m a self proclaimed foodie and eating rules. One of Matt and I’s fave things to do is check out new bars and restaurants. Anddddd, we’re lucky to live in a place like Portland with so many awesome options. Other than everyone’s fave Top Ramen, I’m pretty new to the ramen and pho world. However, now I’m obsessed. Boxer Ramen in Union Way is one of the best. The space has a minimalist vibe, there’s like 6 items on the menu and no take out. Rather than being a detriment, these are some of the things that make it great.

IMG_5160 Definitely check it out next time your in the mood for a delicious, spicy bowl of ramen. Xoxo MJ